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Common Maintenance Steps For Your Commercial Flat Roof

As so many of our commercial customers in Dallas Fort Worth have flat roofs, we wanted to share some tips on common maintenance steps for your commercial flat roof to help keep it in great condition, year in and year out.

Clear off debris – As minor as a few twigs or sticks might look, debris like that can actually retain moisture and encourage ponding over time, which is one of the biggest enemies to the flat roof. Not to mention the scratching or puncturing that can be caused by debris (usually larger debris). When you do clear the debris off of the roof, make sure you look for any visible damage that may have occurred.

Look for ponding – When you have standing water on your flat roof that isn’t able to drain properly, it can lead to leaking. Signs of ponding water include an indented area with a ring of dirt or a watermark around the edge.

Check for damaged roofing material – This may be cracks, splits, or “blisters” – raised, soft-looking spots where the air is trapped between layers of the roofing material. If these so-called blisters pop, it can allow water in, which allows for serious damage to occur to the roof and/or the property itself.

Maintenance Tips for a Commercial Flat Roof Dallas, TXGet a professional inspection – Prevent long-term trouble by bringing in a professional commercial roofer to do an inspection if you see signs of trouble. Letting small problems wait is how you end up with significant leaks. Often, even leaking or damaged roofs can be salvaged. At Draper Construction & Commercial Roofing, a roof restoration is one of our specialties. We help clients push off roof replacements with economic alternatives that are eco-friendly and can add 10 or more years to the life of your roof for a fraction of the cost of a replacement.

Maintain your trees – Nearby trees can be one of the biggest threats to a flat roof. Between falling limbs or even falling trees and leaves and branches getting blown onto the building, trees pose a lot of danger to your roof. Minimize that threat by getting those trees trimmed professionally regularly to keep them healthy and at bay.

Clear all clogs – If clogs occur in your drainage system (drains, scuppers, gutters, etc.), make sure they are cleared out regularly. This is most common after storms, so it’s a good idea to do a visual inspection after a storm. A blockage in your drainage system can lead to ponding and severe roof damage. Keeping that drain system flowing is one of the best defenses you can have against ponding water and the problems that accompany it.

If you have any questions about the health or possible damage to your flat roof in the Dallas Fort Worth area, don’t hesitate to reach out to Draper Construction & Commercial Roofing. After all, our motto is, “we’re happy to do it.” We look forward to helping you keep your business protected.