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How To Find The Right Commercial Roofing Contractor in Fort Worth, Texas

How do you decide on the right commercial roofing contractor in Fort Worth to repair or replace your roof? You could ask around on social media or just look at online reviews, but that is not the most reliable means of selecting a contractor to work on the project that ultimately provides protection for your most valuable asset – your business.

Tips for Choosing a Commercial Roofing Contractor Irving, TXThere are many factors that go into selecting a qualified roofer to work on your commercial property, from the fees they charge to the number of years of experience to the quality of their credentials. Like any important decision, you should do your homework.

Tips for Choosing a Commercial Roofing Contractor

Licensure, insurance and credentials – make sure that the firm that you choose has the appropriate licensures and certifications to do the commercial roofing work that they advertise, and that they are fully insured. Ask specifically about their workers’ comp coverage and their liability insurance. Make sure that the contractor is a member of the certified commercial roofing associations relevant to the type of work that you need. This information should be readily available on the website, which should also include evidence of history and stability.

Reputation and reviews – check with the Better Business Bureau to see the rating for the business and whether any complaints have been filed. Read online reviews, particularly those affiliated with commercial projects such as your own. Look for testimonials and get references from clients who have businesses similar to your own.

Proposal, procedures and professionalism – make sure that you can get a written proposal and estimate on the commercial roofing project. The proposal should be comprehensive and include evidence of quality roofing materials and procedures, with detailed descriptions of timelines and what the work will actually entail. Make sure that this proposal is communicated in a professional manner, as all communication with the commercial roofer should be.

Policies, permitting and project supervision – make sure the company can provide their worksite and safety policies, and that these are well-documented and integrated into the daily running of the contractor’s business. Make sure that the commercial roofer you choose follows all procedures with permitting and can communicated the means of project supervision on site.

Warranty and track record – make sure you get in writing the warranty on the commercial roof work the contractor is planning on doing. The warranty should be detailed and cover every outcome that might affect the integrity of your roof for a reasonable amount of time. Be wary of promises that sound too good to be true, or a lack of transparency in the warranty process of the work to be done. Make sure you get a recent client list you can use to contact and verify the quality of the roofing work on actual commercial properties done by the contractor in the past couple of years, so that you get an accurate picture of whether the work matches the sales pitch.

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